Follow me to a Realm of all possibilities. Meet my friends like Puff, Beau, the Cosmic Ear, Olinda, and others. Get to know our special forms of magic, language of music and art, culture, lore and way of life. Those who adopt me say I'm a lucky charm.
On summer vacation, Posy the child artist bets she can help her sister Belle to get a cure from something the grownups called Quarantine so they can play together again. 
A magic turtle like Elegore (previewed above) and friends have bigger and better plans.
By the end of summer the children figure a way to get in the Realm. They learn magic like how to be in two places at once, how to go invisible, how to gain confidence, and much more?
First edition of an all color illustrated artist chapter book created by world known artist Rosette Gault is 304 pp with more than 115 artworks is expected summer-fall 2021. 
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